Maintenance and cleaning Roomba

Servicio de Limpieza y Mantenimiento para Roomba iRobot

Service On-Line cleaning and maintenance of Roomba iRobot

At we offer different services of cleaning and professional maintenance will improve the performance and the great of your Roomba.

This maintenance is in addition to that you must perform on a daily basis and those aspects that require specific tools and technical knowledge in depth.

Available only in Spain (Peninsula)

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You hire the most suitable maintenance service for your Roomba


We collect the Roomba in your home, review and update the software


We provide the service of cleaning and maintenance to your Roomba


In 24/48 hours we will have your completed Roomba and will send it back

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Preguntas Limpieza y Mantenimiento Roomba

We offer different types of maintenance, adapted to the needs of your Roomba. All your Roomba will be tested before and after the service is performed.

If performing the maintenance we detected any parts in bad condition, we will contact you so that we are authorized to change it. (It apart)

The pick-up address, the service and the subsequent delivery is included in the price of all maintenance.

Basic maintenance (every 1 or two years)

Mantenimiento Roomba nivel BásicoThis maintenance is recommended to do this every 1 or 2 years depending on the dirt. They removed and cleaned the sensors as well as major parts where more accumulates dirt improving the performance of your Roomba and preserving it troubleshooting.

In addition, updated the software and the robot most exposed moving parts are lubricated.

Full maintenance (every 4 years)

Mantenimiento Roomba CompletoIt is intended for more machined Roombas, which have 4 years or more.

In addition to all the processes of the basic maintenance, dismantle all the gears of truck and parts depot (turbine, etc.) to remove friction, noise and improve the performance of your Roomba.

Also clean out your robot and apply a layer of wax that will improve your outward appearance. (Within your capabilities)

Maintenance (full + brushes, filters and battery)

Mantenimiento Integral RoombaThis maintenance is recommended for robots with much loss of performance, making noise and the battery no longer has sufficient duration.

Sensors and all parts are removed, we clean them, clean, lubricate and we oil, we saneamos brush truck, we oil it, change its central brush and side brush, change the battery and also the tank filters.

In addition, we update the software, your Roomba to clean out and wax it to make it regain the brightness of the day. (Within your capabilities)

Comparative maintenance (you're seeing the maint. Basic)

Types of maintenance Roomba Basic Full Integral
Courier back and forth to your home X X X
Performance test (if there is a problem will call you) X X X
Software update X X X
Disassembly of parts and interior cleaning of the robot (without base plate) X X X
Cleaning of sensors X X X
Hairs in Central brushes, side broom, wheels and tanks cleaning X X X
Lubrication of moving parts most exposed of the robot X X X
Sanitation of the Dirt-Detect sensor brush truck X X X
Thorough cleaning of the Central brush truck. All gears are dismantled, cleaned and greased again with a special material X X
Bottom of tank and internal engine cleaning X X
Deposit turbine lubrication X X
Cleaning and waxing outside to make your Roomba shine again (within your capabilities) X X
Replacement of filters X X
Changing the battery (Long-Life Compatible) X
Change two central brush and side brush X

Roomba maintenance service you must purchase it as if it were any other product.

Below, you can choose between different types of maintenance and finally processing the order through your shopping cart.

We will receive the notice and will be delivered to your home to our carrier to pick up your Roomba. Remember to pack it and protect it properly...

Once we receive your Roomba, our qualified staff will proceed to carry out the maintenance service you selected at the time of purchase.

In 24/48 hours we have prepared your Roomba and will send it to you so you can enjoy it as the first day.

It is important that you have prepared your Roomba before even to order, since sometimes the carrier arrives a few hours of having it made.

You must not worry is simple...

The most important is that you have prepared your Roomba just subscribe to the service. It is possible that our carrier will pass the same day, even that morning or afternoon...

When you make the purchase of a Roomba maintenance service the system will ask you your address.

We will send our transport company to the address that you indicate that pass to collect your Roomba and bring it to our headquarters.

Once you have finished, we will return you to the same address.

Although the efficiency of our transportation is of the almost 100%, is important that you carefully empaquetes your Roomba and protect potential hits that may suffer during his transfer.

You must take into account

  • No more ordering of maintenance for your Roomba, you must have it prepared. It is possible that our carrier will immediately...
  • Send only your Roomba, send no accessories. Virtual walls, bases load, battery, etc.
  • For transport, it is highly recommended to remove the battery from your robot. With the movement, this could be operated accidentally.
  • If you also send us your robot battery so let's review it, remove it from inside and send it inside a plastic bag, protected and within the same package, your Roomba.
  • Wrapping your Roomba with bubble plastic or any other anti shock material and put it in a box that fit well, which is not loose and that is well protected.
  • If you keep the original box and want to use it for shipment, wrapped the Roomba in a garbage bag before placing it in the box to avoid that you grate with cartons.

The price of maintenance service includes the service and transport of back and forth. You will only have to pay once and it will always be at the time of service.

At the time of purchase, you will present different ways of payment, and you can choose which suits you.

We currently offer the following methods of payment:

  • POS insurance of Banco Sabadell. You will be redirected to a secure this bank payment gateway.
  • Cash on delivery. You credit to the carrier at the time of the collection of the product.

Of course.

While you make the purchase of the Roomba maintenance service, you can add to cart the products you want.

You send it all together when we finish servicing and you won't have to pay more postage.

If the maintenance service we detect that it is convenient to change any parts or spare your robot, we will contact you so that we are authorized to change.

You can also pay by credit card through a link that we send you by email or by cash on delivery on delivery of the your robot once finish with maintenance.

It has never happened, but certainly the possibility, although remote, is there.

We have contracted an insurance with our transportation company that would cover losses or damage to the package.


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