Roomba Repair Service (Spain)

IRobot Roomba Repair Technical Service

Without you having to leave home ...

At we offer a technical service with extensive experience in Roomba iRobot repairs.

We repair any breakdown and offer a 6-month parts and labor warranty.

We have all kinds of original and compatible spare parts from our own brand.

Before proceeding to repair, we make estimates without obligation.

You decide if you repair your Roomba.

Available only in Spain (Peninsula)

Hire the service ...

And all in 4 easy steps ...

Step 1

Hire the Technical Repair Service Roomba

Step 2

We will collect your Roomba, review it and make you a budget

Step 3

Once you accept the quote, we proceed to repair your Roomba

Step 4

In 24/72 hours, we will send back your already repaired Roomba

We have answers to your questions

Roomba Cleaning and Maintenance Questions

Step 1
Buy the Technical Service

To request the Technical Service you must buy it as if it were any other product . With this you are hiring the collection and subsequent delivery service, as well as the diagnosis of the breakdown and the preparation of a budget.

At the time of purchase, you must detail precisely what happens to your robot, the general condition and the accessories you send us.

Step 2
We analyze the problem

Once we receive your purchase in our systems, we send our transport company to bring us your Roomba and we can examine it.

In a few hours, we will prepare a detailed budget that we will send you by mail. At that time you can decide whether or not to repair your Roomba.

Step 3
We repair it

If you accept the quote, in this same email we will send you instructions to proceed with the payment.

When we receive the payment, we will proceed to repair your robot in the shortest possible time. Generally within 24/48 business hours after receiving payment confirmation.

If you do not want to repair it, you can indicate it by answering that same email. We will proceed to return your Roomba at no additional charge.

Step 4
We send it back to you

Once we have repaired and tested it, we will send your robot back.

The repair will be guaranteed for 6 months for parts and labor. The guarantee will only cover those anomalies previously treated by us and not possible new problems that may arise.

If you decide not to repair your Roomba, we will return it to you without you having to pay anything else.

It is very rare that your Roomba has no solution. However, if the robot is already a few years old, there are some faults that are not worth repairing.

That is why it is very important that you correctly describe the problem of your Robot and its general condition. If we consider that it is not worth repairing, we will contact you for you to decide. In this case, if you decide not to repair it before collecting the robot, we will refund your money.

If after making the budget you do not want to repair it, we will return your Roomba without you having to pay anything else.

You should not worry, it is simple ...

The most important thing is that you have your Roomba ready as soon as you hire the service. It is possible that our carrier passes that same day, even that same morning or afternoon ...

When you buy a Roomba Technical Repair Service, the system will ask for your address.

We will send our transport company to the address you indicate so that it can pick up your Roomba and bring it to our headquarters.

Once we finish the service, we will return it to the same address that you indicated.

Although the efficiency of our transport is almost 100%, it is important that you carefully pack your Roomba and protect it from possible blows that it may suffer during its transfer.

You should consider...

  • As soon as you order your Roomba Technical Repair Service, you must prepare your robot. Our carrier may arrive shortly ...
  • Take the battery out of the robot and put it in a plastic bag , protected and in the same package as the robot. If you send the robot with the battery inside, the robot can be activated in transport and suffer damage.
  • Before putting your Roomba in the box, you must protect it with bubble wrap or any other similar material so that it is not scratched.
  • It is very important that you send us the charging base with its feeder (if it has one) . Some breakdowns come from this element.
  • If you send loose parts such as virtual walls or other spare parts, indicate it in the corresponding section and package them without hitting each other. Wrap them separately with bubble wrap or something similar. Then put it in a box that fits well, is not loose, and is well protected.
  • If you keep the original box and are going to use it for shipping (Recommended), wrap the Roomba in a garbage bag before putting it in the box to avoid scratching it with the cartons.
  • If you send your Roomba in the original box, it is recommended that you wrap and protect it.

The Technical Repair Service is made in two payments:

  1. Diagnosis and budget.

    Fixed amount that is paid in advance in the purchase of the service through this website. It includes the diagnosis, the preparation of a budget to solve the fault, the collection of your Roomba and the subsequent delivery once it is repaired.

    We offer the following payment methods:
    • TPV Seguro of Banco Sabadell. You will be redirected to a secure payment gateway of this bank.
    • Cash On Delivery. You will pay it to the carrier at the time of product collection.

  2. Repair.

    You only have to pay if you accept the budget. Corresponds to parts and labor required.

    When we diagnose the robot, we will send you the budget by mail and at that moment you decide whether or not to accept the repair. In this same email we include instructions with a Link for you to pay the amount of the repair (If you accept it).

    If you finally accept the repair estimate, the only means of payment accepted will be by Credit Card through our Secure Payment Gateway (Virtual POS) offered by Banco Sabadell.

Of course.

At the same time that you purchase the Roomba Technical Repair Service, you can add the products you want to the cart.

We will send it all together when we finish performing the service and you will not have to pay more postage.

Our transport agency is highly trustworthy and it is very rare that you lose or damage a package, but of course, the possibility, although remote, exists.

We have contracted insurance that covers the loss or deterioration of the merchandise.

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