Care of a Roomba battery

Cuidados de las baterías de una RoombaTo extend the life of the batteries of your Roomba we give you some advices that if many of them already appear in the manual of the Roomba it isnt less remember them. These advices are applicable so much to the original batteries as for the compatible calls, batteries offered by third parties that in occasions are equal and even they improve the characteristics manufactured by the original brand.


All the Roomba of the series 500 feed with a rechargeable battery of NI-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride). This type of batteries are much less affected by the so called memory effect, effect that produces decreases in the loads for reasons as the temperature, tension, time into disuse without downloads, etc. The batteries that our machine uses, are made by materials that mitigate to a great extent this phenomenon..

What to do during the inactivity

To prolong the useful life of the batteries iRobot it recommends to leave the Roomba connected to the supply in their periods of inactivity. That is to say, next to the base or with the cable directly plugged with the Roomba. However, when we are going to stop using our robot during a long period of time, the thing is quite different. Then it is better to load the battery to the maximum, to extract it of the Roomba and to store it in a fresh and dry place.

Burden of renewal

Another important aspect to take in mind is the Burden of Renewal of 16 hours. If it is the first time that you load your Roomba or it has been time without being loaded, Roomba automatically initiates a cycle of special load of 16 hours. This widespread load has for aim renew the battery and lengthen its useful life.

Indicator light

The light of the button Clean indicates us the condition of Roomba's battery. Providing that the light is loaded it will be green and will blink. These are all the conditions of the battery.

Cuadro indicador de luz de carga


Bear in mind that if the battery is hot by the use, Roomba will wait until it cools to begin the cycle of recharge. 

In addition, it is very important that occasionally reset the battery in order that this one is regenerated and increases its useful life.

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