IRobot Scooba battery maintenance

If you have certain precautions with your Scooba battery, this can make many cleaning cycles until runs out definitely while maintaining optimal performance.


  • Use your Scooba frequently. Your Hi-MH battery technology is ready for continuous loads. If you stop using your Scooba for long periods of time, your battery will have less life and fewer charge cycles. We recommend that you always store batteries charged at the top and outside the Scooba if not it will use for a long period of time.

  • Let the Scooba charged while not in use. If you use the Scooba usually, it is best to leave it charging permanently. The battery charging circuit performs a maintenance between cycles. Make sure that the Scooba is loaded into a smooth surface that allows ventilation during charging.

  • The Scooba charge must be in a dry and cool environment, avoid heat sources during this process.

  • His robot Scooba Cleaning is important so that you have a good energy efficiency. Try to keep clean the Scooba and thus the battery you will need to give less power to the robot. Cycles will be most effective.



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